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The TRUTH About Dolphins & Rh-Negative


The TRUTH About Dolphins & Rh-Negative

I just completed the 4th in a series of conversations with 3 Vets, & 1 Vet
Tech in an effort to get an INFORMED answer
to the question ~ Are Dolphins Rh-?
I spoke to one Vet in California at the Monterey aquarium, One in Georgia at
the aquarium, one Vet Tech at Gulf World in Florida & one Vet in Seattle at
the Seattle aquarium

These were statements made by the doctors from their on hand knowledge prior to
actually checking:

Monterey – ” I’ve never heard of dolphins being Rh-”
Seattle – “I do not think they are”
Georgia – “I’ve never heard of that”

The 3 doctors & the Vet tech all claimed to have checked various medical
books looking for an answer;
2 of them claimed to have also made various phone calls as well as reaching out
to other colleagues looking for an answer as they themselves became curious.

This is what I was told after they checked:

The direct quote I got from Florida was: “We have found nothing to support
dolphins being Rh-”

I was told by ALL 4  that they ~ ” FOUND NOTHING STATING OR

These are the people who work with these animals on a daily bases, they are responsible for
their health care & they found nothing to support the completely unsupported & random on-line claims
of dolphins being Rh-

Also I was told “off the record” in a conversation with one doctor
that he gets many letter of request for information regarding the ‘magical
healing properties of dolphins’ (which was said sarcastically) he went on to say that is a
farce & they are unsure how or why this rumor got started it got started.

We Can Change Your Blood Type - For (Your) Benefit, of Course...

Blood groups 'Can Be Converted'

I keep hearing about it but it somehow seems irrational.
The claim is that it would be better {medically} if all people were O- because then there would be fewer blood shortages & all could give & receive blood from all.

et's look at that~
O-s are 7.7% of the population & can only receive O- blood.
O+s are 38.4% of the population & can receive O+ & O- blood.

If this proposed action is for the reasons expressed
wouldn't O+ be the more rational choice if as "they" say having negative blood is no more an advantage than being positive?
I could interject the "pure blood" argument here ~ but the FACT is, whatever your bloodtype, the -BEST- blood match for ANYONE is another of their same bloodtype & gender period.

AND ~ if there were a movement to get people to donate blood in proportion to their blood type there would be NO ISSUE, but instead of convincing the positives that they need to donate more, {if in fact there is a shortage} the medical community instead pressures Rh- people to donate & often.

 ~ AND now the latest DUMB-ASSED idea ~

The idea that it would be a good thing to change the population's blood type, but not to O+ which is most prevalent at 38.4% and can accept both O- and O-
They want to change it instead to O- which is 7.7% of the population and can only accept it's own.


Blood Type Distribution Ratios ~

O +   1 person in 3 --- 38.4%
O -    1 person in 15 --- 7.7%  (O- is reported to be between 6.6 & 7.7%)
A +   1 person in 3 --- 32.3%
A -    1 person in 16 --- 6.5%
B +   1 person in 12 --- 9.4%
B -    1 person in 67 --- 1.7%  (B- is reported to be between 1.5 & 2%)
AB + 1 person in 29 --- 3.2%
AB - 1 person in 167 --- 0.7% (AB- is reported to be between 0.7 & 1%)

Scientists Develop 'Fake' Genetically-Engineered Blood For Use On The Battlefield

A company named Arteriocyte has created a genetically-engineered blood by taking cells from the umbilical cord and using a machine to mimic the way bone marrow works to produce mass quantities of usable units of red blood cells.

The blood is made by using hematopoietic cells taken from umbilical cords in a process called ‘Pharming’ – using genetically engineered plants or animals to create mass quantities of useful substances.

As well as being needed by the military, 'Pharmed' blood could also be used in hospitals to make up for shortfalls in blood donations if it is approved.
The 'Pharmed' blood is type O negative which is the most sought after variation because it can be used with any patient, regardless of their own blood type.

The following are links to Arteriocyte & related links:

Pharming Defined - Pharming (fär`mĭng)

The use of genetically altered livestock, such as cows, goats, pigs, and chickens, to produce medically useful products. In pharming, researchers first create hybrid genes using animal DNA and the human or other gene that makes a desired substance, such as a hormone. Employing the techniques of genetic engineering genetic engineering, the use of various methods to manipulate the DNA (genetic material) of cells to change hereditary traits or produce biological products. They then introduce the hybrid genes into animal embryos, which are then re-implanted into foster mothers and carried to term, creating transgenic animals that secrete human hormones or proteins, antibiotics, or other substances in their milk, blood, semen, eggs, or the like. The material containing the secreted substance is harvested, and the substance extracted and purified. The process has yielded drugs, such as growth hormone and antithrombin; blood components, such as hemoglobin; and large quantities of certain proteins needed for research.


Fake Blood, Real Controversy

The Blood Book

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