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                   The Rh-Negative Network 

Our purpose is to to acquire and distribute that horridly misused & abused concept:  


And to be there whenever and wherever there is a Neg in need of what only another Neg can provide:


To give those who are Rh-Negative a place to seek out credible answers.

       ☤ Knowledge

To share information & to separate fact from fiction & agenda regarding our unique blood group.



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Stepping Out Of The Shadows.  

The Rh-Negative Network.

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▲ Here We Grow Again 

In the coming year, 2015, we will focus more on connecting with our kindred via blood exchange 
The Rh-Negative Network is in the process of "Joining Forces" as it were with one, possibly two blood groups, either one of which will officially make The Rh-Negative Network an International Entity when it comes to sharing our blood. 
Recently, we have also set up a LinkedIn page for The Rh-Negative Network which will make it easier for some to connect to and with us ! 
Please join us there, to connect you will need our email address which is: Contactus@Rh-NegativeNetwork.com

I am Rh-Negative - But I should not talk about it

I am Rh-Negative - And it is best if I don’t to ask too many questions
I am Rh-Negative - And I am told to run along because this means nothing
I am Rh-Negative – And I am no longer confused

I am Rh-Negative - And I am no longer weakened by words, nor afraid of acti
I am Rh-Negative - - - And I’m AWAKE.
                                                                                                                                                  - Written by Rh-Negative Network 2012  

**** ****

That some of us have been afraid or ashamed to talk about Rh Neg in “mixed’ company -

That some have been confused & frustrated when looking for answers -

That worldwide, irrespective of age and sex we share multiple & peculiar similarities,

and still we are told, this too is nothing -

That we have ever been made {or} allowed ourselves to doubt who we are -


These are wrongs that are OURS to correct, no one else can or will do this for us

however, we will be unable to do anything for ourselves or anyone else if we remain

Afraid, Asleep, Confused, Distracted or if we continue to hold on to that enormous weight that the mainstream demands is the one & only truth.

Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End.


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The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth -
It burns itself and its nest, a nest made of frankincense, myrrh and spices.
(but) A new phoenix Always rises from the ashes......

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 If We Can't Talk To Each Other...Who Can We Talk To...

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Be advised that NOTHING you will see here is provided as medical advice, we are not a medical provider.

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