Bloodline of Jesus/Mary



If you are willing to extend your thought patterns past what has literally & figuratively been beaten into society

You may find answers -

If you cannot - You will accept no answer nor will any answer provided satisfy - Because you will be too entrenched in what they have taught you is ‘Truth’ ~

The Rh-Negative Network 2011


365 years ago, the Italian scientist Galileo announced that the Earth was in motion around the sun (a discovery by the Polish astronomer, Copernicus) and for this the Church proclaimed him a heretic.
As a result, Galileo was hauled before the Catholic Inquisition and kept under house arrest for ten years until he died.

Soon afterwards, Isaac Newton pursued the concept of orbital force, but he too was condemned and it was not until recently, in 1992, that the Church finally admitted that the Earth was in solar orbit.
- 1992! -
Indeed, it was not until the summer of 1996 that the notion of Hell was abolished by the General Synod of the Anglican Church, and it was this very notion which had caused such problems for Galileo, Newton and others.
The Catholic Church, on the other hand, maintains the notion of Hell - and so, in the eyes of Rome, the Anglican Protestants have now become heretics in this regard.
Excerpt from: Bloodline of the Holy Grail

Based on the above,  if the following were not my position before, it provides an excellent reason to adopt it as a position now ~

If we are ever to have a reasonable understanding of who we are it is the Rh-Negative Network's position that we will have to be willing to both seek answers out for ourselves and accept what is fact over fantasy.

       Did "Jesus" Have Descendants...?  

12 strands DNA Pictures, Images and Photos

A lot has been written about Jesus, the New Testament claims to collect the most important moments of the

life of Jesus & has condensed them into four gospels.

They in part attest to Jesus’ public life & are an attempt to show that he was the promised Messiah for Israel.

What of his private life & all those missing years?

Where was he all those years & who did he spend time with & was tough him as a young man?

I once thought myself a seeker of truth, although I could find very little
I’d complain & question why much was hidden from me -
When my mind is open & my heart pure

Then the answer came: 
It is folly to think that one can see with a heart or mind
Both will lead in directions from which return will be difficult 

Still your mind, free your heart and allow your eyes that which is theirs to possess
Nothing is hidden from one who will see 
(Written by Rh-Negative Network 2011)



Enoch is reported to be of Ethiopian descent yet there are pictures of him in a range of colors, I have included them above.  

Translated from the Ethiopian by
R.H. Charles, 1906

Interesting & Often Untalked of Things Jesus Was Recorded As Saying

The words below, as with any may be interpreted as you like, but if these words are open to interpretation & dismissal
are not all of his other recorded words open to the same? 

Translation From the Dead Sea Scrolls ~ The Gospel of Judas:

Jesus left the disciples overnight & when he returned in the morning the disciples question him about where he went.

He tells them – “I went to another great & holly race.”
The disciples question him further asking him “who could be more exalted & holier than we are…?”

Jesus laughs at them & tells them –
“Truly I say to you that no offspring of this realm will see that race…nor will any mortal human offspring be able to belong to it.”

“For that race does not come from this realm which came into being, but the race of humans who are among you is from the race of humanity”

{{words missing from the scrolls here, but then it continues}}

“Power which” {{couple more missing words}} some of her forces {{another missing word}} since you rule in their midst.”

Words are missing because parts of the parchment that the Dead Sea Scrolls were written on either disintegrated with time or were possibly damaged when handled.

From The Gospel of Thomas

Jesus is recorded as saying:

"The Kingdom is like a shepherd who had a hundred sheep. One of them, the largest, went astray.

He left the ninety-nine and looked for that one until he found it.

When he had gone to such trouble, he said to the sheep, 'I Care For You More Than The Ninety-Nine.'"

"Blessed are the solitary and elect, for you will find the Kingdom. For you are from it, and to it you will return."

"The Pharisees & the scribes have taken the keys of Knowledge and hidden them.

They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to.

You, however, be as wise as SERPENTS and as innocent as Doves."


"Men think, perhaps, that it is peace which I have come to cast upon the World.

They do not know that it is dissension which I have come to cast upon the earth: fire, sword, and war.

For there will be five in a house: three will be against two, and two against three, the father against the son, and the son against the father.

And they will stand solitary."

I Do Not Remember Which Book The Following Is From

His disciples said to him, "When will the Kingdom come?"

Jesus said, "It will not come by waiting for it.

It will not be a matter of saying 'Here it is' or 'There it is.'

Rather, the Kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see it

Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear

The Symbol of Jesus Was The Symbol of Anu  - First

The page below is page number 320, from the book: "There Were Giants Upon The Earth"

These symbols are (now) most commonly referred to as symbols of Jesus, but LONG before this was the symbol of Jesus it was the symbol of of the Sumerian gods.

Aun, according to the Sumerians was a sky-god, the god of heaven, lord of constellations, king of gods, spirits and demons, and dwelt in the highest heavenly regions.

It was believed that Anu had the power to judge those who had committed crimes.

The official name of Aun's symbol is a "Rosette" [Sound Familiar?}

ONLY those directly belonging to his family, his royal dynasty were allowed to poses or display his symbol.

The book, “There Were Giants Upon The Earth”  Does Not suggest that Jesus was an Annunaki, however, after reading this and other material to include of the original translations of the Sumerian tablets, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Enoch & other “missing” books of the bible, I started to see overt connections between Jesus, Enoch, Enki, Noah & the Annunaki that one may not see reading one or one type of source.

This is some family!

Depending on which side you are on, there are those who seek to look out for & protect each other & those who sought to destroy each other and anyone else who got in the way ~

I tried to find the oldest version of this story which comes from those who were first wrote & recorded history, the Sumerians;

Then I compared later & subsequent stories ~ The subsequent stories are far TOO similar, the people in each and the results are Too similar for (me) to close my eyes and tell myself it is not what it is ~

In reading Enoch, there is a lot of talk about the blood of the 'Righteous' & the 'Elect Ones' which just happens to be the blood of his (& possibly the Rh-) family line.

The book of Enoch also addresses who the 'Wicked' are. In the Gospel of Judas there is a detailed description of how and when the first human was created and it is NOTHING like the story in the current popular version of bible.

It appears that many of the bible stories are just that, versions of stories taken from other peoples and edited to fit a culture & people in the making.

The First Council of Nicaea was a council of Christian bishops which convened in Nicaea in Bithynia (present day Turkey) in 325 AD

The Council was the first effort to attain consensus in the church through an assembly representing all of "Christendom".

Its main accomplishments were:

The settlement of the Christological issue of the relationship of Jesus to God the Father;

The construction of the first part of the Nicene Creed;

The settling the calculation of the date of Easter;

And promulgation of early canon law ~

In plain English....they were creating/tailoring what millions would be taught is the word of "God", they agreed on what books would be in & what was out, (so what you would be taught & what you would  be taught is blasphemy)  they then made it law & soon sat out to torture, threaten, discredit & kill millions who they felt would stand against their then New religion & those who simply would not accept their version.

The Inquisition, which I am referring to above & which spanned more than 700 years, seems in some circles to be getting a revision, a face lift as it were, but make no mistake it was the churches time of FORCED acceptance & expansion.

I use to wonder why if Egyptian culture & religion were based on the Sumerians (a culture the Sumerians themselves credit wholly to the Annunaki)

And why since much of our own culture & most of the Christian religion is based on an ‘edited’ copy of the Egypt religion & culture ~

Why the Sumerians are all but voided in our historical & religious teachings.
I don't wonder anymore.

We are not taught nor told about Sumerian history for obvious reasons ~

To re-incorporate the Sumerians into our current teachings we would have to acknowledge several things, among them:
That much of what we hold to be important and marks of a civilized people originated in Sumner current day Iraq.

That the Sumerians and NOT those we are told were actually the first to do & have the following:

Sumerians were the first civilization to develop an organized written language
First bicameral government
First record of the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ ~ From which the story of Noah was crafted
First watches
First to use a calendar
First electric battery, by 10,000 years
First to have precise & complex architecture
First with state capitols
First to have organized agriculture - Some of which we with our current technology, cannot duplicate today
First to develop ‘complex’ music
First to create complex math & math equations & systems
First to use elaborate tools, both in use & appearance
First organized spiritual intuitions
First to develop a complex military


At least to the current structure of our society, that the Sumerians wrote down in clay & stone the most complete accounting of how they gained civilization & their origins (AKA OUR origins) which THEY accredit solely to contact with what they called Gods & we call UFO’s

Egypt Ankh Rainbow Horus Egyptian Emoticon Emoticons Animated Animation Animations Gif

The Greatest Story Ever Told, Part - 1 (or) Christianity ~ What Do You Really Know?

This Video Is Provided By The Rh-Negative Network

        'Mary' appears to be pregnant in the above painting & depiction

Mirrors & Lights - Perception & Awareness 

I had a friend who lived on the 17th floor of a building in one of those walking neighborhoods where everything is conveniently located;

One day, bored beyond belief we decided to get mirrors, go to the balcony & have a few laughs at the people’s expense by reflecting the sun off the mirrors and making strange lights.

Immature & silly I know.

There was a string of cars parked below on the street, & many people walking around, by reflecting the sunlight we were able to cause it to seem as though the break lights on the string of the cars were lighting up, but only on one side, we made these great circles of light appear right in front of people & dance around, we were also able to move the circles to say in front of the people for almost a full block ~

The Laugh Was On Us

No One Noticed Anything!

They were walking and we'd placed the lights right in front of them, still, they could not see them ~

They could not see the string of empty cars whose brake lights were coming on over & over again

Nor the multiple & large circles of light that were both dancing right in front of them & moving down the street as they moved

Not one person changed their gait, no one looked around, no one pointed, no one noticed, we were astounded.

Our silliness did lead us to an interesting discussion about the nature of humans, awareness & perception ~ neither of us could understand how not a single person could notice these multiple & bright circles moving right in front of them, nor the flashing lights right next to them.

The Point

Perhaps the answers we and others seek are right in front of us or right next to us, & always have been, but for whatever reason they are not visible to everyone...

The Epic of Gilgamesh

From The Mesopotamian Texts Archive

The Epic of Gilgamesh from the Mesopotamian Texts Archive

The Epic of Gilgamesh is perhaps one of the oldest written stories.
It was originally written on 12 clay tablets in cuneiform script.
It is about the adventures of the historical King of Uruk (somewhere between 2750 and 2500 BCE)

It appears that the Epic of Gilgamesh comes from even earlier Sumerian writing about the flood
It is in part from the The Epic of Gilgamesh that the tail of Noah was crafted, read it then  ~ Read Noah & check the dates know for yourself

The translator chose to eliminate Tablet XII for personal reasons, with support from many literary, archaeological, and linguistic experts because it appears to be more of a sequel to the first 11 tablets, containing a story about Enkidu volunteering to retrieve some objects that Gilgamesh dropped into the Netherworld.
To read the story of Gilgamesh chick the link below~

The Origin of the Dragon Lords of the Rings

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